Why Join Us?

Here’s what we can promise you: one hell of a ride. Join us in a journey that only the toughest 10% survive. This experience will test your wits, push you beyond your known limits, and make you dig deep inside yourself and do things you never knew you can. You need the Mamba Mentality to survive this!

But hell, if you’re made of the right material, you are meant for this! If you plan to do a startup yourself in the future, then learn things here first before you delve into this world on your own. Ideally, we can be partners throughout our whole entrepreneurial journey. But whether this company succeeds or fails, you’re a winner.

Here are just some of the things you can learn with us:

  • Learn how to bootstrap a startup by balancing client projects while working on the main product
  • Learn how to operate minimally but in the most efficient way
  • Experience the roller coaster ride of winning some and losing some
  • Learn cutting edge technologies and methodologies that cut development time, increase production, and increase developer enjoyment
  • Learn programming design patterns, system architecture, and best practices so you can write clean code that you can be proud of (sort of)
  • Work with smart, hard-working and like-minded people who can bring out the best in you, strictly no corporate politicking here
  • Learn how to be a disciplined and maximally productive developer without being “disciplined” (hard to explain)
  • Learn how to wear multiple hats and make an impact no matter what
  • Experience first-hand how a startup succeeds or how it fails
  • While startup life is hard, and it takes utmost discipline and laser-like focus to succeed, fun is an important element of our company’s culture. Yes, we work hard, but we play even harder!


The area where our main office is located is/was/will be perfect for:

Adventure Mountain Biking (Enduro/DH and Cross-Country)

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Hiking and Spelunking
  • Wakeboarding

These activities are perfectly legitimate excuses for being late or going home early. You will be required to play with us in one or more of these sports. Yes, it’s required so you’ll lose some fats, or worse, limbs (kidding).

Who are we looking for?

  • Somebody who can pick up any technology fast and be productive with it in 2 weeks’ time
  • Somebody who is obsessed in writing clean and well architected code
  • Somebody who constantly find ways to do things better and easier (coz they’re lazy)
  • Somebody who can stay on course and not easily lose interest when faced with challenges
  • Somebody with intense desire to improve human (and animal) life using technology
  • Somebody who will find a way to make things work no matter what

So it doesn’t matter if you know PHP, JS, Java, Ruby, or whatever. As long as you think you can learn fast, and have all these other qualities, you could be a good fit. But here are some preferred experience that could help us decide if you are a good fit:

  • Development of RESTful APIs using frameworks like Laravel, NodeJS, etc.
  • Deep understanding of SQL and database optimization
  • Knows when and how to use NoSQL technologies
  • Some experience with Microservices
  • Some experience in GraphQL
  • Mobile Development (hybrid or native)
  • Familiarity with serverless architecture
  • Broad understanding of technology stacks but able to specialize on a stack as needed

Projects we’ll work on

We will be working primarily on FinTech and PropTech. We are already developing a PropTech software, but we have a huge client that wants a FinTech solution. Income from this client is what funds our PropTech idea. We’ll talk more about that during the interview.  

Compensation and benefits

We’ll also talk more about compensation and benefits on the interview process. Suffice it to say, that we won’t haggle against you. We also don’t offer Stock Options in exchange of low salary (we can explain why during interview). But we will find ways under PH’s stone-age legal system to make it worth your while to work with us and be one with us for as long as you want.

Send your resume to jobs@creatizens.com and please leave a message about why you’re interested in working with us. Let’s do this!

Israel Canasa


Creatizens Corp.