Save money tip: improve employee productivity with a custom workflow system


Wouldn’t you rather have your team spend it’s time on bringing in new clients and more revenue rather than waste valuable hours on administrative tasks?

Of course you do! Fortunately, Creatizens can create customized tools for your business needs so you can focus on what really matters for your company.

There’s a solution to your workflow losses

How you may ask? Let’s look at the example of Vetsure Pet Insurance. Just like any insurance provider, the aim is to sell as many insurance policies as possible. That’s the fun juicy part. However, it also means you need top notch customer service and a big team to handle client claims and statements and all the associated paperwork. That’s the time and profit draining side.

In short, Vetsure had a process bottleneck, where employees were stuck doing mindless repetitive tasks instead of value adding work. Good news is, this was an opportunity for Creatizens to build Vetsure a custom workflow system.

Workflow automation means time & money saved

Each month, Vetsure employees had the displeasure of uploading individual client statements to their online portal. As you may imagine, the 15 step process was not a happy one. Wasting your staff’s brain power to click save + upload hundreds of times is useless. Fortunately, we were able to leverage their existing tools and develop a customized solution that fit their needs:

  1. Do the job even better and faster than their employees
  2. Free up their team’s valuable time for value generating tasks
  3. Increase the speed and efficiency of their customer service
  4. Do all the above using their existing framework and make the new solution cost effective right away

Creatizens’ workflow system solution

Like many businesses in the UK, Vetsure was already using WordPress, SharePoint and OneDrive. However, there was no synergy to really leverage these tools. The need was clear, we created a custom plugin for Vetusre to sync their documents across SharePoint and OneDrive to their WordPress client portal. The result? A seamless workflow solution.

Advantages of the updated workflow system

The custom plugin we created for Vetsure didn’t just optimize the completion of menial tasks, it leveraged their resources resulting in:

  1. An optimized workflow system
  2. Increased efficiency and productivity
  3. Facilitated remote employee collaboration
  4. Hundreds of hours of work saved
  5. Happier team!

Vetsure Statements Workflow Optimization Results

Have you identified your workflow issues?

Unless you have already taken the time to analyze your workflow, chances are it hasn’t been optimized to suit your business process. Whether you have invested in expensive tools that aren’t doing what you need or feel stuck with old-school manual admin, don’t worry, Creatizens is here for you.

Depending on your industry, service or product, we will tailor your workflow system, so it’s optimized for you.

Don’t waste time on repetitive, mindless admin tasks anymore. Contact Creatizens now!