Contactless leave request form with Power Automate


With the spread of COVID-19, the need for contactless transactions increased as well. With this in mind, we built an automated leave request process for our team.

Traditionally, offices would use paper trails for processing leave requests. Get a form from HR, fill up the form, get signatures from one’s supervisor, human resources, etc. At Creatizens, we decided to ditch the paper trail and use Microsoft’s Power Automate for our leave request process.

Automated leave request process

Here’s an overview of our automated leave request process:

  1. Online form – The employee fills up an online leave request form.
  2. Pre-approval – The form is submitted to HR for pre-approval
  3. Final approval – If HR approves the request, it is forwarded to the CEO for final approval
  4. Email Notification – The employee is notified if their leave request is approved or denied.

Pretty simple, right?

Building the flow

To automate our leave request process, we first setup the following:

  1. An online leave request form with Microsoft Forms
  2. A custom SharePoint list

Let me walk you through the process.

The online form

The first thing we did was to create an online leave application form using Microsoft Forms. The form had the following fields:

  1. Type of Leave – multiple choice with options Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, or Emergency Leave.
  2. Start date – a date picker
  3. End date – a date picker
  4. Reason for Leave – textbox
  5. Declaration of employee – acceptance of terms

To make sure that no stranger gets to fill up the form, we clicked on the Share button and selected the “Only people in my organization can respond” option.

Custom SharePoint List

To keep a record of the leave requests, we created a new SharePoint list. This gives our HR manager an overview of all the leave requests, helping them keep track of leave statuses. Whenever an employee submits a leave request through the online form, a new entry is added to the list. The list is also updated automatically during the approval process which we’ll discuss more in detail.

Building the approval flow

After setting up the Leave Request Form and the SharePoint List, we proceeded to build the approval process using Power Automate.

Power Automate does have pre-made template to choose from. However, the workflows did not match our need, so we created a new flow from scratch. Fetching the Form