About Us

We are a bunch creative, talented and passionate geeks who teamed up to build our dream company. Our passion is to build wonderful software products and websites that people enjoy using. So if you're looking for geeks for hire in Manila, you might have found them in us.

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Meet the team

Israel Dacanay Canasa Israel Dacanay Canasa Founder/Tech Lead
Allan Pilarca Allan Pilarca Backend Tech Lead
Edward Magbago Edward Magbago Fullstack Tech Lead
Renier Aguilar Renier Aguilar Fullstack Developer
Karl Francisco Karl Francisco Fullstack Developer
Brave Leuterio Brave Leuterio Fullstack Developer
Jane Canasa Jane Canasa Chief Operating Officer
Mark Robert Solano Mark Robert Solano Admin - Liaison Officer
Lyka Bagasol Lyka Bagasol HR Manager

Pioneering Alumni

Here are our pioneers who took the plunge with us in the beginning...

KC Eren KC Eren HR Manager
Denise Zamora Denise Zamora Project Manager
Francis Gallardo Francis Gallardo Software Developer
Stephanie Olino Stephanie Olino HR Manager
John Rafael Padillo John Rafael Padillo Software Developer
Ryan Peritos Ryan Peritos Administrative Assistant
Hedrick Plandes Hedrick Plandes Graphic Designer

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